Avengers Endgame theory: Tony Stark is backed up as AI – THIS scene proves it | Films | Entertainment

Iron Man is dead and buried, but will he return to the MCU in another form? That’s what a popular new fan theory argues based on an Avengers Endgame scene. Reddit user ankitkvishwakarma argues that the hologram of Tony projected from his Iron Man helmet during the funeral scene wasn’t a recording but an AI of him. They argue: “When [the] hologram was about to end we saw that Tony stood up from his chair and came towards Morgan and made eye contact with [her] and said ‘I love you 3000’.”

They continue: “So the suspicious part about this scene is that if it was a prerecorded hologram how would Tony know that Morgan would be sitting on the sofa when Pepper and Morgan would be watching the hologram?

“And also how would he know the location from where the hologram was getting projected?

“Not just the location but how would a 3D hologram make eye contact with a human.

“How would Tony know the locations before recording?

“According to science, it isn’t possible for a pre-recorded message to be like this.

“What if? It was Tony’s A.I.? Backed up in his helmet?”


The star made the announcement at the Renaissance Gala at the Gene Siskel Film Centre in June.

A witness tweeted: “The real story here is that @RobertDowneyJr said publicly in a room full of people that #Ironheart should be in the MCU.”

They added: “I went straight back to the press area afterward and was like YOU ALL HEARD IT, WRITE THAT DOWN.”

Marvel Studios have promised a much more diverse line-up of superheroes from Phase 4 onwards, something that Ironheart fits in with very well.

Perhaps Ironheart will be announced for Marvel Phase 5, which kicks off from 2022.

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