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Downton Abbey will come to cinemas on Friday, September 13, and fans are champing at the bit. But the makers of the film may have already fuelled speculation a second film is on the cards. brings you all the latest hints and teases about a possible Downton Abbey sequel.

Is there going to be another Downton Abbey film?

Despite some mixed reviews of the film, Downton Abbey is expected to be a box office sensation after the success of the TV series.

Producer Gareth Neame, who has been behind the film and the series, told Digital Spy there is a “plan” for a second film, though at present nothing concrete is in place.

He said: “We need the movie to do well. If it does really well and the fans vote with their feet.

“The challenge we have is that people all around the world have been used to watching it on television, but we need them to go out and buy a ticket and see it in cinemas.

“We’re percolating [ideas], back of the mind… We’ll know soon and how popular it’s been, or whether people just thought it was for the TV and that was that. I hope it’s not the latter.”

Along with Gareth, series creator and writer Lord Julian Fellowes has also suggested he “knows what direction” they could go in, but it all depends on how well the film is received.

He told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain: “I never say never anymore – I’m too old for that.

“Because the moment you say never you immediately swallow it a month later and the fact is I don’t know.

“I think it rather depends as to how the picture is received and we will all have a think about whether we want to go there again.

Is the TV series going to return after the Downton Abbey film?

After spoke exclusively to Jim Carter, who plays Carson in the film, it looks unlikely the team will come back to gather for the series.

He said: “I wouldn’t say so – I think it’s quite tricky to get 20 cast members together for a film which is nine or 10 weeks filming.

“But to get us all back together for say six months, which it takes to do the TV series, I think that would be tricky.

“I think the series is done. People enjoyed it but to have a one-off film as a treat is what is it – a treat.”

His comment about a “one-off” film also suggests the sequel is off the cards as well.

However, he did explain how he was not certain enough to definitely confirm or deny such rumours.

He said: “But I’m at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to things like this!

“If the film makes a gazillion then people will be wanting to make others but one step at a time.”

Downton Abbey is released in cinemas from September 13

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