Kate Middleton news: Royal insiders furious as plastic surgery clinic uses Duchess picture

“The improvements in her appearance are most likely down to looking after their skin. Especially around the eyes there are some real gains that can be made with preparations containing retinol, Vitamin A, and sunscreen.

“These products are clinically proven to reverse photoageing and diminish lines and wrinkles if used regularly and are much more effective in preventing and reducing wrinkles long term than Botox is.

“Top this with a good routine that includes antioxidants like Vitamin C to boost collagen and AHAs acids like glycolic acid to smooth out the skin and a hydrating moisturiser and you’ve got all the makings of skin that looks refreshed and youthful without needing any injectable interventions.”

Dr MJ explained there are many ways someone can look after their skin to keep them looking younger without surgery and it is extremely likely Kate has stayed young by using these.

The doctor added: “She doesn’t need to have any injectable treatments if she continues to look after her skin the way she seems to be doing and we should all take some pointers from her timeless beauty and style.

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