Kawhi Leonard: Raptors star has TWO teams in free agency, not Lakers or Raptors | Other | Sport

Leonard is one of the marquee free agents set to be available this summer, and question marks remain over where he could end up.

Despite being traded to Toronto last summer, it was widely reported that he still favoured a move back home to Los Angeles.

That put both the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers on red alert.

But according to Cris Carter, who has close ties to people around Leonard, the Clippers and Knicks are best placed to sign him in free agency.

“I know a lot of people, they thought who Kawhi was,” he said on First Things First.

“In these last two rounds of the playoffs, with the soundbites and everything… this is who Kawhi is.

“For anyone to think at this point they know what Kawhi is going to do, they’re wrong and they are guessing.

“What I have heard – from day one – they were all in on Toronto.

“Trying to go up there and figure out his injury, trying to figure out his team-mates and trying to get this team to a championship.

“The experience has been great, but nothing’s changed.

“Kawhi can be a free agent, he is going to be a free agent and I can believe there are going to be three teams in the Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes.

“That being the Clippers, I know the Lakers would like to be, I don’t believe they’ll be able to get in there to be able to make a mark; the Knicks are all part of this.

“But I believe this is a two-team race between the Clippers and the Knicks.

“The Raptors, I just believe, without a championship, Kawhi is a different person.

“Don’t get caught up in the emotion, don’t react to this the way you would react…

“Toronto does have a chance, so does New York and so do the Clippers.”

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