Workers hit by ‘concrete bullets’ after pump explosion in Southbank

Police and other emergency services were called to an industrial site after an incident involving a concrete pump resulted in multiple injuries this afternoon.

According to The Age, a pipe burst at the CBD worksite located at the intersection of Southbank Boulevard and City Road in Southbank.

The incident involved a cement truck pump dislodging whilst pouring cement resulting in injuries to four people around 12.50pm.

Construction workers standing nearby were reportedly sprayed with “concrete bullets.”

Victoria Police spokeswoman Sergeant Anita Brens confirmed four men were injured, two of which are in a serious but stable condition and have been transported to hospital for treatment.

A vehicle travelling past the worksite was also hit by the cement however the occupants were not physically injured.

A witness, who did not want to be identified, told reporters were blown more than 15 metres by the force of the explosion.

“It’s blown the two blokes across the road,” he said. “They were going into shock.”

The matter will be investigated by WorkSafe.

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