Zoe Henry and Jeff Hordley: Pictures inside the Emmerdale stars’ Yorkshire home

Celebrity homes are something which many people love to marvel at. Whether it’s for a glimpse at their lives or simply for interior design ideas, there are many reasons why a person may want to take a tour – be that virtual or in real-life – of someone’s property. Luckily for Emmerdale fans, Zoe Henry, 45, and Jeff Hordley, 49, have opted to open the doors to their fans via Twitter. The pair play the roles of Rhona Goskirk and Cain Dingle, respectively, in the ITV soap.

The couple tied the knot back in 2003, and have gone on to have two children together.

Avid gardeners, many of Zoe and Jeff’s photographs are of their allotment.

However, in some snaps on Zoe’s Twitter account, she shared some captures of some chutney she had made, which were stored in a plethora of glass jars.

The background was a series of kitchen tiles, which featured a contemporary pattern, made up of blue lines at varying angles.

Another snap showed Jeff holding a large beetroot, while standing in front of the oven.

“Jeffrey and the Giant Beet #RoaldDahl,” she captioned the photo.

Another capture shows them posing for a snap ahead of an evening out.

While it’s not clear as to whether the photo was taken actually inside their home or elsewhere, the capture does give some insight into their lives.

Zoe has also posted a picture of a bedroom on Twitter.

The bed itself has been adorned with cushions, including one which has an illustration of two owls on.

In the background are two works of art, depicting Tudor figures such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Zoe has shared a capture of their sweet dog – which is presumably in a living room.

The adorable pooch can be seen gazing at the camera, in a room which has large panelled windows and green walls.

Their allotment is brimming with vegetables, and the pair are clearly quite rightly proud of their work.

Speaking to Fabulous Magazine, Zoe has recently said: “We have an allotment and it’s so therapeutic to have your hands in the earth.

“We’re mindful of what we eat, but watching our diet isn’t about being on TV, it’s more about general wellbeing.”

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